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15 July 2011 @ 11:38 pm
bathwater - france/england, portugal/england  
Title; Bathwater
Fandom; Hetalia
Pairing; France/England Portugal/England
Word Count; 266
Status; One-Shot / Complete
Rating; PG
Warnings; None

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya


Portugal's house smells of sunscreen and bergamot and bathwater. Portugal greets him at the door and they hold each other like they are being reuninted after years-long-past and Portugal says England's name like it is a song. 'Inglaterra', he says, over-and-over. It is always warm, especially in the kitchen, when England visits, because Portugal is constantly brewing him his old, favourite blends of tea and before they drink, they breathe in the fumes and then they chat shamelessly and romantically as if they are lovers. Portugal draws a bath and it's filled to the brim with lavender-and-lemon bathwater and in winter, the water gets far-too-cold far-too-fast but they don't care. England lies against Portugal's chest, his fingers and toes puckered and tight like damp dragon scales. England closes his eyes and breathes in the relaxing air of familiarity and it is as if something sweet and healing is touching his heart and it is almost-perfect. But not-quite.

That's probably because France doesn't drink tea. Not anymore. It is also because France draws himself a bath filled with bubbles and rose petals and candles but never uses it because he's late for a meeting and has to take a shower. And it is probably lastly because France doesn't call him 'Inglaterra' but he calls him 'Angleterre' in that often-sardonic, often-seductive, always-hateful voice of his. And so, for just-a-second, Portugal's fingers are thinner and lighter and colder and bolder and in the next they aren't and that overwhelms him and England breaks the kiss.

And he thinks there is just something entirely too cruel about loving-the-one-you-hate and not-loving-the-one-you-love.

tuulensisko: hidetuulensisko on July 17th, 2011 11:16 pm (UTC)
Oh yes... wonderfully sensual and bittersweet... damn. Seriously, I've had a thing for PortugalxEngland for ever since I heard about the pairing and I do like it -- only I keep returning to FrUK every single time. It's really the feeling I get from England-pairings, and it makes sense, to me at least. And damn, that last line nailed it.